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︎︎︎Transcipt of
Re-Imaging Pedagogies:
How to be Together Now


*plus accompanying Study Guide (compiled by me) and Pedagogy Group Guide (written by the Pedagogy Group and repackaged by me for this presentation as a part of MFA@COVID.EDU: Studio Art MFAs and the Cost of Remote Learning at the CUE Art Foundation in July 2020)



*Study Guide (compiled by me) for Surveillance City: Examining the Urban Panopticon from 9/11 to Covid, a panel discussion I designed and organized focusing on the local infrastructure of surveillance, tracking, and data collection in New York City. The panel featured Ingrid Burrington, Fabian Rogers, and Hasan Elahi, and was moderated by Janus Rose in January 2021.

selected pages from Letters to Ghosts, 2014

*Thoughts on the work of Pol Morton, 2019