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photograph by Cary Whittier

Me Ocupa La Mente (Die Laughing)
[It Occupies My Mind (Die Laughing)]
steel, steel hardware cloth, paper pulp, ink, cotton mason line
dimensions variable

Fabrication assistance by Michael Clayton

My grandfather had two favorite jokes that became family sayings. In one, a man wanders through the woods and begins to find pieces of his friend’s body.
Each time he finds a limb he gasps, “My god! Juan’s leg!” or hand, or foot, etc. until finally he reaches Juan’s head and he shouts “Juan! Are you wounded?!”

In the other, an elephant is walking along and comes upon a sobbing cricket. The elephant says “Whatever is the matter, little cricket?” and the cricket responds
“My mother died!” The elephant asks after his father,  his brothers, his sisters, and so on, and each time the cricket replies that they too are dead. Finally the elephant lifts his enormous foot and says “What are you even alive for?” before stomping on him.