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Comissioned by Acompi and the NARS Foundation for “Transient Grounds,” - “an exhibit that housed the histories embedded and preserved by immigrant, first-generation, and borderland artists whose work counters the forces of gradual erosion.”

Do Not Come/There is Nothing For You Here   
acrylic felt appliqué on ripstop nylon
60” x 48” each

“However idealist some of the works are, Christina Barrera’s newly commissioned installation grounds us in the political realities of the present. Quoting Vice President Kamala Harris’ words delivered to the people of Guatemala, “Do Not Come / There's Nothing Here for You,“ Barrera’s flags spill out from the interior to the exterior, echoing the hollowness of American promise, and proving—after entering the exhibition—the falsity of these words.“

- exhibition essay by Constanza Valenzuela and Jack Radley

Images by Daniel Terna (@jpegs_and_tiffs)